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#1 URL shortener that restricts unwanted traffic...

With the help of a uTraker short link, you can easily prevent unwanted people and attack bots from accessing your website or landing page.

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How It Works...

uTraker is a simple URL shortener that allows you to create a short link of your website URL or landing page.


Create a short link

Paste your long URL and create a short link by clicking on the "Shorten" button. Your short link will appear in the pop-up window. Please contact us if you wish to establish your brand's short links.


Plan your campaign

You can restrict countries to prevent unwanted people from accessing your landing page. In addition, it is possible to set different landing pages depending on countries and devices.


Share your link

Share your short link on the internet to get more traffic to your landing page. Your short link will be like http://yourdomain.com/XXXX.


Track the campaign

uTraker provides more information about your audience other than the number of visitors. Simply follow your stats link to track your campaign.

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